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After several busy weekends, we have closed for the 2018 Christmas Season
due to a limited selection of trees over 6 feet tall.
We hope to see you next year! Have a Merry Christmas!

peeking from tree
boy in baler


Click on the selections below for descriptions to help make the decision process easier for when you stop by.

Concolor Fir

Also known as the white fir, this western tree is becoming more popular as a Christmas Tree. Long soft blue-green needles, citrus fragrance, and good needle retention.


Douglas Fir

Widespread across the North Western U.S., growing to over 2oo feet with soft medium green needles with good needle retention and a rich scent.


Blue Spruce

Native to Colorado, with short, sharp needles that can varying in color from green to turquoise to shiney sivler blue. Stiff strong branches and good needle retention.


White Spruce

Excellent for ornaments with short stiff needles that have a blunt tip. Deep green to blue green color and average to good needle retention.


Canaan Fir

Similar to Balsam Fir and Fraser Fir, this hadsome conifer has short, soft, dark green needles. They have excellent needle retention, good fragrance, and stiff branches.


Maple Syrup

Pure Connecticut Maple syrup produced right here on the farm.
$12 a pint and $20 a quart.